Hi & here’s what I do

Here’s what to expect. I’d like to give an amazing message right now and conjure a thunder clap at the end… but the truth is I am giving everything I can to you in bits and pieces. I’m a posh ambassador, have been selling since 2013, and have now turned my reselling side hustle into a growing profitable business. On the journey, I have had a more passionate approach to mod and vintage clothing. Don’t get me wrong, I still wear plenty of contemporary clothing, live in a home with heat and ac, amazon Prime, Hulu, instant pot, etc. However, I am more of a simple, minimalist style mom. Choosing clothing that is still fully functional, unique, and stylish, is a responsible, sustainable choice. I’ve spent months creating style boards that are essentially “mix and match vintage” on Pinterest. I have tweeted the most random of tweets while doing post office runs for package drop offs, hauls, and sharing the neatest finds from Poshmark. On Facebook, my growth was more geared towards crafting, so expect some un-complicated, but beautiful projects. I absolutely love both equally, so those things shall be intertwined.

How can I describe myself? Why cactus and peony? Let me ask you… have you ever felt that perhaps you should have been born in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s? Do you possibly joke with yourself on the inside that you’re “an old person” at heart? Does your intuition always wish for something classic? Do you tire of the racing technology and desire of simplicity… perhaps if you were possibly in the era of your choice? I entertain this to you as to give some perspective on why I put this blog together. Cactus- a prickly, but resilient and beautiful, strong succulent in the hot sun. Peony- a lush, full blooming flower with soft and delicate layering petals. I often view the cactus as representing my son, and the peony as my sweet daughter. The truth is, I think I may have accidentally used two plants to describe myself and my personality.

I looooove vintage items because often there is a mood or feeling associated with them. It is always surprising to me too of the reoccurring trends that continue to show in shirts, bags, dresses, etc. Choose to reminisce on the clothing pieces that we no longer use today, or perhaps make your own style with a very detailed piece. Either way, beauty is fun.

I very much love the beauty background, but my style is not necessarily name brand or on trend. There were sooo many times that I have questioned myself before writing this all out. What’s holding you back? You sound a little off balance. Just quit. Here’s where a cactus personality wins. I’ve had to get good at taking some hard things over the years. Things that have concerned finding the right job, smack someone’s opinion and negativity out into the heat, take the heat, create new strategy, make new platforms, and focus on the strengths I did have. I said goodbye to people (painfully) that never were cheering me on, and hello to a lifetime of warm friends that saw what I had to offer. For a long time, I had to pull myself out of one big mess. After many days, months, ok it was a couple years of tangle. I finally practiced faith and focused on small tasks that were just enjoyable and made me happy. Selling clothing happened to bring me a lot of happiness. Hello, I was making good money in my home from pretty little things I had from flea market, thrift finds, and estate sales!! Those environments are like the fabric of my life. That and state fairs, county fairs, horse shows…you get the idea. It was extremely easy to identify with my audience right away.

I continued to work on small little craft things that made me happy and “bloom” more with my values. Oddly, I still have social going for this end of things. I do make some side cash with the crafts, although reselling is the winner. Slowly, but surely, I’ll find a way to combine both. For now I’m hooked on happy little vintage things!